Choir stopped in October 2010

The Choir of the Kaliningrad Cathedral decided in October to end their activities. After over 500 concerts in Western Europe, many “mini-concerts” in Kaliningrad, a price in the Hajnowka-festival and 6 CD’s, the singers stopped. But still we can hear the choir on CD’s. They are still available.
Elena Kramarenko, the leader of the choir, and her daughter Yuliya Konakova, who also was a singer in this choir, made an interesting website, kurdamusic39. For the moment beeing this site is only in Russian, but an english translation will come!

www.kurdamusic39.ru >>,




Welcome to the site of the ‘Choir of Kaliningrad Cathedral’!

Kaliningrad Cathedral dates from the 14th century. During the Second World War in August 1944 the cathedral was almost totally destroyed by bombs. At that time the city was still known as Königsberg and was part of Germany. Since 1993 the cathedral has been restored and it has now become the symbol of the city. Apart from the two chapels the cathedral now has primarily a cultural function. It is used for concerts and several museums are housed within it, including the Kant museum.

The ‘Choir of Kaliningrad Cathedral’ in its current form is new, having been formed only in 2004. Previous to that it had existed with a different composition under the name of Lado. The choir, under its leader Elena Kramarenko, has established an excellent reputation.

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